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The Los Angeles Times is excited to announce the second annual CFO Leadership Awards scheduled for June 21, 2022, followed by a stand-alone magazine set to publish on July 24, 2022 to recap the event with coverage of honorees and nominees.

The business community and readers will have an opportunity to nominate individuals for consideration. After nominations are received, the B2B publishing executive committee will highlight noteworthy CFOs for their successes and accomplishments during the last 24 months for the financial health of their organization, as well as their exemplary leadership qualities within their organizations and communities across California. We invite you to nominate California-based CFOs who are impacting change. The C-suite magazine will recap the event and profile honorees and nominees. Separately, we will recognize California-based CEOs from various industries who exhibit exceptional leadership in the region. CEOs will be recognized by leadership profiles only. There is no cost to nominate. All nominees must work in California to be qualified.

In-person event date for the CFO Leadership Awards: June 21, 2022

Publish date: July 24, 2022

NOMINATION DEADLINE: May 11, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. 

Nominate Now

Early submissions are highly encouraged.



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Please note L.A. Times B2B Publishing staff will NOT be able to make corrections or revisions to the nomination form once submitted. The information provided is subject to editing by the B2B Publishing staff prior to being published. Do not submit information that is subject to change or confidential. The content in this publication does not involve the editorial staff of the L.A. Times. Selections are made independently, without regard to whether or not an individual or company advertises with the L.A. Times.

2021’s CEO and CFO Business Leadership Awards event recognized outstanding CEOs and CFOs who demonstrated noteworthy accomplishments – click to read the 2021 issue and watch the CEO and CFO Leadership Awards.