Brian Cox explains why ‘Succession’ resonates: Just look at our ‘ridiculous’ leaders


In the latest episode of The Times’ TV podcast “Can’t Stop Watching,” host and staff writer Yvonne Villarreal asks “Succession” star Brian Cox, who plays grizzled media magnate Logan Roy, about our fascination with the series’ unlikable characters:

People don’t know sometimes whether they’re on their behind or their elbow. Human beings are very much caught in that. They’re caught between a rock and a hard place. They can’t let go of certain idiocies. The proof is in the idiot we’ve got for president and how he got voted [in]. And also the idiot they’ve got for prime minister in the U.K. It’s very, very prevalent of the time that these outrageous, ridiculous individuals, who are far more ridiculous than Logan Roy, have got seats of power. ... The show really has captured that dissonance that is in the world at the moment.

Listen to the latest installment to hear Cox explain why he “completely abhors” “Tiger King,” his thoughts on Logan’s “Mona Lisa smile” in the Season 2 finale and the character’s inimitable catchphrase — directed at coronavirus. And be sure to listen to our conversation with his “Succession” costar J. Smith-Cameron, plus “Watchmen’s” Tim Blake Nelson, “This Is Us” star Mandy Moore and your other TV faves.