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One day while I was attending Brookside Baptist Church in Myrtle Springs, Texas, the pastor announced that starting the following Wednesday night service, he would begin an in-depth study on the rapture. The study would be titled 16 Reasons for a Pretribulation Rapture. That statement really piqued my curiosity. Having had studied the subject for an extended period of time over the years, I was amazed that someone could come up with that many reasons, so I joined the study the following Wednesday. After having received the handouts that evening, I began to take a critical look. I began to point out the errors in much of the reasoning behind the conclusions of that pastor. When the pages became numerous, I decided it was sufficient to be turned into a book. I felt this study should be examined by every believer.

Many talk about salvation issues in Christianity. Many say the rapture is not one of them. That attitude alarms me. While ones belief on the rapture will not affect his salvation in itself, it will, without a doubt, become a stumbling block to being prepared to not receive the mark of the beast. Of that mark, the Bible says the one who receives that mark will have his fate sealed with the judgment of eternal damnation. If one is confident in a pretribulation rapture, he will be susceptible to dismissing the actual mark of the beast since he is convinced he will be taken out before that implementation. And for this cause, this book must be read! PDF Free

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